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Welcome to KnowledgeNest Micro School

At KnowledgeNest MicroSchool, we believe that every child deserves a trauma-informed safe space to learn and grow. Our micro-school offers a unique educational experience where nature and nurture meet learning. 

Lea Nance Owner and Primary Educator

Our Story

KnowledgeNest MicroSchool was founded by Lea Nance, a mom and educator that found herself looking for something more for her own kids and the kids she was working with. After years of teaching in large schools, small schools and virtual schools, Lea wanted to help learners discover they are capable of learning in many ways. She also wanted to help parents learn they are capable of teaching their kids, no matter how they learn. Lea graduated from OU Tulsa where she honed her philosophies surrounding teaching and found her love for the Reggio inspired approach. Lea enjoys reading and creating art in her spare time, playing with her kids and watching movies. She loves showing kids and adults that learning is all around us.


Our Approach to Education


At KnowLedgeNestMicroSchool, we take a trauma-informed approach to education. We recognize that many children have experienced trauma and we strive to create a safe and supportive environment where they can heal and learn. Our curriculum is designed to support the social-emotional needs of each child.

Experiential Learning

We believe that children learn best through hands-on, experiential learning. Our nature-based curriculum allows children to explore and learn about the world around them in a safe and engaging way. We keep our class sizes small to ensure that each child receives individualized attention and support.

Neurodiversity Supported

We understand that traditional classrooms can be hard to navigate and thrive in for some students. In many cases, it is simply the environment that needs to be adapted, which is often hard in traditional schools. Whether a learner is sensory seeking or sensory avoidant, they will find spaces that are comfortable for them while also learning to be mindful of their bodies in relation to others. Through our Mood Meter we learn together how to notice the "faces" of moods and how to stand up for ourselves while learning empathy. 

Emotional Regulation

One of the foundations of our day and a constant during it is our Mood Meter. We begin each day with putting our clip on our mood and deciding if we need to work through anything. Learners have several ways of doing this, if needed. WE can change our mood meter and choose to walk through our mood anytime during the day and it often leads us to a peace talk or a vote on a new community agreement. Through our Mood Meter we learn together how to notice the "faces" of moods and how to stand up for ourselves while learning empathy. 


We spend time during our day choosing and completing a job each day. We vote on questions that come up and make agreements together when we have to solve an issue that affects us all. We do these things to learn about ourselves and about being a successful member of a community. Learners become more aware of themselves and their actions. We also learn a lot of life skills through our jobs each day.

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